Google’s Manufactured Apartment Plan

Google has some amazing plans in the works to help combat the affordable housing crisis in the Bay Area. Google will invest about $35 Million into Manufactured Housing in the Silicon Valley in the form of prefabricated apartment units.

This plan could completely alter the housing traditions of the Silicon Valley which is one of the wealthiest business communities in the country. The 300 Manufactured Housing apartments would act as temporary dwellings for employees of Google. These apartments will be located in Vallejo, California and will be around 260,000 sq ft

Manufactured Homes & Modular homes

A manufactured home is the modernized upgrade to the mobile homes that became popular in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. These houses comply with the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards also known as the HUD Code. They feature all of the amenities of a standard house including plumbing, electricity, and gas. They also can come with front lawns and backyards depending on the land where the home will be placed. Each manufactured home comes with standard features but they are also highly customizable.  They can be built according to different floor plans and can even be made accessible for those with special needs. Unfortunately, some cities and towns have outdated zoning laws so there may be some restrictions to where a manufactured home can be built.

Modular Homes are very similar to manufactured homes when it comes to amenities. One of the main differences is that modular homes comply with federal standards while modular homes are built to state regulations. Modular homes are usually constructed on site where different box-like modules are attached to create one full home. Modular homes are also just as customizable as manufactured homes. Unfortunately modular homes usually don’t come with garages or porches. Modular homes are usually permanent and treated the like site-built homes when it comes to financing. 

Hopefully this new development by Google will help some its employees find the affordable living arrangements they need. Google has always been a leader of innovation so you know their employees will get the best.

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